Friday, July 26, 2013

New Fife & Drum Shipment Arrived Today = Pontoons!

Pontoon Wagon (AE-018) from Fife & Drum shown with a Minden Miniatures pioneer.

Pontoon wagon shown with the pontoon loaded onto the wagon.

I just received a restocking order of pontoon wagons (have 30 of them now) AE-018 today. A number of people were looking for these at Historicon, but I had run out of stock. I also have lots of pontoon packs (2 pontoons per pack) AE-017.

We also restocked on the British Guards centre company figures marching (BA-13) and all of the American Militia codes.

Fife & Drum Advertises in Miniature Wargames

Check out Miniature Wargames Issue No. 364 and look for our full page advertisement on page 9, where we have a full colour spread featuring our range of 18th Century artillery equipment and wagons. This is our first foray into print advertising and you can expect to see more advertisements as we feature each component of our fine AWI range.


  1. This is a very nice model, interesting adition to your catalogue and useful in an "attack the camp" game, by example.

  2. I like the wagon. I really like the mini's I was able to purchase at Historicon and it was a pleasure meeting you.

    Best of luck with Fife & Drum - I know I'll be purchasing more when I get an AWI project in full swing