Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Ultimate War Game Room

The most amazing game room in the world. Look at all the pictures and militaria that complement the game table. The venue looks like a military history museum.

I was visiting some of my favorite blogs last night and you know how it goes, one page seems to lead you to a link to another page that you hadn't seen before and suddenly, you discover something amazing.

I stumbled upon the most amazing wargame room that I have ever seen, bar none. And believe you me, I've seen a lot of great rooms, but this one has to be at the top of the list.

Now the terrain itself really blows me away too, as do the multiple tables using the "aisle" concept of adding depth to a standard 6ft wide wargame table. All of the table have a green drape that hides the underneath portion of each table. Very classy! I half expect to see a butler, clad in tails, serving the gamers' every need.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this set up is that it appears to be in its own self contrained building, as shown below. This is the Downton Abbey of personal wargame rooms.

The outside view of the game room. There appears to be an actual piece of artillery just to the right of the group.


  1. Yes indeed, I thought the same thing when I saw it on Pats blog.


  2. Thanks. It is a fantastic set-up that Dave has. The building is in his grounds and it is called the Coach House, which I imagine it would have been many years ago. It is now just used for his hobby and it has upstairs as well. Well spotted, that is a field gun he has outside the door. We have had some fantastic games there over the years and he is a wonderful host.
    PS Your table layout and games are also very impressive.

  3. I think they have been featured in Wargames Illustrated more than once.

  4. So...since I just finished remodeling a bathroom for the missus, ipso facto: I should be able to do this in the basement!

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