Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday Day 2 at the SYWA convention

Ed Phillips' scratch built gun emplacements and cannon. These two now rest in the Randy F. collection, so I get to game with them from time to time in our group

Another one of Ed Phillips' miniature masterpieces. A portable flour mill being worked by some of the Minden Miniatures pioneer figures.

Here are some photos that I took of some of the games that took place on Saturday. Enjoy the pictures, and click on the pix to enlarge your view. There were many impressive looking games and I particularly liked the games that Jurgen hosted for the SYW in India. I have never seen such colorful looking armies.

SYW in India

SYW in India - John Company troops.

Tod Kershner's famous "Iroquois Terror" game in progress. There were scalps aplenty in the game.

Paper sailing ships from Jeff Knudsen's game. Wonderful stuff here!

French breach the walls of Quebec during the return match in 1760, when de Levis' French army marched from Montreal to Quebec to attack the new British garrison.

My Fife & Drum AWI game.

Another view of the Fife & Drum game showing the British attack of the American right flank.
Black Powder game using 10mm figures.
Jude Becker's Age of Reason Game. Paul and Brian seem to be having fun contemplating doom for the Prussians.
Burkersdorf in 28mm - Final Argument of Kings game hosted by Dean West and Pat LeBeau.


  1. Great photos of some great games Jim!

  2. Great looking pictures, a very nice place...

  3. Wow - what great pictures! We love 7YW (in 6mm though) and these are very inspirational.

  4. Wish I could have been there. Beautiful games.

  5. Looks like a great time. Certainly some excellent terrain! Wish I could have been there!

  6. Great scenery, fun rules, good company and gracious host - Jim you always put on a top notch game - always a highlight of the convention. Thanks!

  7. Those are some spectacular earthworks. Now you need to acquire more of them and lay siege to something.

  8. Rob: Randy Frye bought them. I had my chance, but I hemmed and hawed to long and he swooped in and bought them. The good news is that Randy is one of our regular group members, so I get to play with the works, but don't have to own them. :)


  9. Jeff's sailing ships look splendid.


  10. You're right - I too am shocked that I didn't comment on such a beefy post! Sadly this kind of thing happens to all of us though - some posts just get looked at and never commented on - dunno what to say really! Keep posting as you do and things will even out...
    Best wishes

  11. Having just discovered your blog and thereby having escaped censure allow me to seize the moral highground and cry: For shame gentlemen!

    This pictures are amazing I would love to get into the SYW in India, sings in the blood for some reason.