Tuesday, July 24, 2012

AWI 71st Highlanders Work In Progress

Heads and musket
I am posting some pictures of an AWI related project that Bill Nevins commissioned for the production of 28mm figures of the 71st Highlander Regiment, as depicted in the Southern Theatre of the war. Bill received these "work in progress" pix showing the torsos and the heads. You can see that the detail on these figures will be very nice. Presumably, different arms will be produced and added to each of the basic torsos, shown below, in order to increase the number of possible variants off of the same dolly. As I understand it, Bill is having a firing line made. They will be Perry-compatible, sculpted by Alan Marsh, who did the Eureka Miniatures range of Continentals.

To avoid any confusion, note that these are NOT Fife & Drum figures that I am adding to my range. Bill will probably be selling figures to anyone who is interested once these guys go into production.

It is interesting to see the "behind the scenes" look at how figures are actually made. In this day and age, when the sculptors are sort of rock stars in their own right, a growing number of people are having their own custom-made (bespoke) figures or ranges of figures made to order. It is an interesting concept. I am looking forward to seeing how these figures turn out "in the metal". It looks very promising indeed.

Kneeling firing or kneeling and loading


Standing firing? (not sure)


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