Friday, May 13, 2011

18th Century Field Bakery

Field bakery model for the SYW, crafted by Ed Phillips, and now in the collection of Randy Frye.

I played in a SYW game at Chez Protz last weekend, as part of Bill's annual birthday wargaming bash. During the course of the game, I noticed this model of a field bakery that Randy had brought to the game. The model was crafted by Ed Phillips, whom many of you know as the owner of the Wargames, Inc. mail order business, until he sold it and retired. Ed brings something new and different to the annual Seven Years War Association Convention, and his models usually get snapped up fairly quickly.

Randy was lucky enough to have purchased the model that you see above and below and it is very similar to the one that I bought from Ed last year (although I must say, that Randy obtained the better model - Ed gets better at his craft every year). Ed got creative and built one of the baking ovens completed (with the awning) and the other one as a "work in progress". He also scratch built the wheeled cart shown in the pictures and finished it off with some of Frank Hammond's Minden Miniatures Generic Pioneers. I would say that the Minden figures look like they were made for this type of model.

Rear view of the field bakery model.

Side view: note the Minden figure placing some bricks on the uncompleted oven. A second Minden figure (lower right) is shoveling some dirt. The third figure in the background (blue waistcoat) has had its shovel tool converted into a baker's spatula for removing the bread from the oven.

Front view providing a better look at the fellow constructing the oven on the left. Ed also scratch built the 2-wheeled wagon.

I hope that you enjoy looking at these models as much as I do.


  1. Jim,
    Thank you for posting the iamges and for the commentary. Funny. I was there and learned more from your report than I did at the game!
    Wonderful models.

  2. Agreed! A true museum piece.

    Best Regards,