Sunday, April 17, 2011

AWI Militia Pictures

I have been busy painting samples of my new Fife & Drum AWI Militia figures over the weekend and I managed to start the basing process as well. I thought that everyone might want to see the "before" and "after" pictures over the next couple of days. This afternoon, I started on the bases, creating a stone wall section on each base, gluing the pebbles onto the stand with white glue. The glue will have set by this evening and then I can add the spackling compound for the texturing process on the bases.

I kind of assumed that militia would naturally seek cover, hence the idea of the stone wall, which I also used on my Minden Croats. So I went out to the roadside in front of my house and picked up a number of small rocks and twigs to use for this project.

Originally I was thinking of having 24 or 30 figure militia units, but then decided that 5 figures scattered randomly on the stand looked less formal and more "militia like. I like the way the stands turned out. The number of figures on a stand doesn't really matter in my rules, each unit gets one firing die for every four figures so the size of the unit can vary as you see fit.

Another view of the militia from the Montgolfier Bros' hot air ballon. For more information about the Fife & Drum range, click on the following link to my separate Fife & Drum blog:


  1. I like how they turned out. You have a nice ragged look to them, which I think suits the militia well. Are they based on the same size bases your Continentals and/or British will adopt in two ranks?

    I will be very interested to see how they look when the base is flocked. My only concern is that they might look odd unless your AWI tables have lots of similar cover.

    I hope to be wrong, however!

    It's a nice start :-)

  2. That almost sounded like a deadline for a project for a minute there?!

    Very evocative of the road from Lexington and Concord back to Boston 236 years ago Tuesday the 19th of April.

    This is the shot heard 'round the world.

  3. They look very nice, looking forward to seeing them completed.

  4. I will use the same basing size for the British and Continentals, but place 6 figures in two ranks on a 40mm by 60mm base. The British will have 30 figures and the Continentals will have 24 or 30 figures (or sometimes even as little as 12 or 18). I will be using a 1:10 figure ratio in my rules.