Friday, March 25, 2011

AWI American Militia

American Militia figures from Fife & Drum Miniatures. Click to enlarge.

I am posting a few pictures of the eight new American Militia figures that we will be offering for sale shortly. I'm not going to promise any deadline, because the production end of things is out of my control. Hopefully, we will have them sometime in May, along with the British Guards and the British Light Infanty.

Close up view of the four firing figures.

In the firing group, we have one fellow kneeling firing, two variants standing firing, and one fellow cocking his musket. The tricorn wearing figures could probably also be used in the armies of those who have "Imaginations" forces, in addition to their intended use as militia.

Rear view of the same figures, showing the detail of their equipment.

The four advancing poses, including the Militia officer.

Rear view of the advancing poses.

That gives you an idea of what the eight poses look like and how they turn out once they are painted. I found that they were rather easy to paint and had fun working with them. Over the next week or so, I will increase this to a 24 or 30 figure unit for my AWI armies.


  1. great looking figures and fantastic painting too. I may be tempted to do AWI sooner than later.
    Peace James

  2. They look good, sir. I like your choice of palette colors too.

    -- Jeff

  3. In the third pic the rear view of the kneeling man it looks like he has sweated on his hat and got some grease on his canteen; he looks particularly alive that way.

  4. May! aww c'mon DAF stop teasing sir.
    They look lovely, Richard has done a great job with these.

  5. Boy those look great; I think you've really captured the look of Revolutionary War militiamen.

  6. I might have the militia and British light infantry available before May. I'm just being conservative in my estimate. We have production molds for these two sets and now it is just a matter of the caster spinning some inventory for me.

  7. Caught the update on TMP, are you getting excited yet? Two or three weeks to go and they belong to the world, to paint how they see fit and comment how ever they care. Richard Ansell does good work and if they are cast well with good service I cant see you will have too many problems.

    Are you getting excited yet? ;-)


  8. Could you perhaps post a pic of size comparison vs. Perry or Foundry?

    I'm heavily invested in those lines, and would certainly love to add these as well if they fit in.


  9. Carmen: look up the blog entry for November 27, 2010 for comparisons of my figures with Perry, Eureka, RSM

  10. Thanks - how did I miss that?!

  11. Lovely work. They look very realistic, particularly the color choices and shading.

  12. Re. a recent TMP thread, would not 'Fife & Drum' be tempted, as a side project, by one or three 'Ladies in riding habit' (GNW to [post]SYW Sovereign's servant, Young Catherine, Catherine the Great, Brotherhood of the Wolf)? The Suren / Willie show their age...

    The (rather unexpected, I suspect) success of the Hinterland Viktorias show there is a niche for 18th C. military women: if the late 19th C. is 'rich' of VSF and Ruritania, the Lace Wars are the period par excellence of Imagi-Nations; many of their creators would like to add a female regiment and / or a Pandour Maisen Guard (Viktorias are impossible to convert convincingly: Bill Protz had to photograph them from afar and from carefully chosen angles) to their OOB.
    If teddy bears in tricorne are commercially viable, 'soldiering' ladies in tricorne would be even more so.

    Two observations:
    - to offer a character both in foot and mounted -as was practically the rule for 'Dungeon explorers' some time ago- would be welcome.
    - 1/57 minis are on the 'large' size, which poses problems of compatibility with some other ranges. This is specially true when it comes to women, generally more 'petite' than men (a man side by side with a woman taller than him looks ridiculous: see our dear President Sarkozy and his wife, the fact that *he* is the one on high heels notwithstanding). Thus I suggest -for 'flexibility' sake.- you model your feminine minis -if any!- on Courtney Kupets (5' 1/2") or *at most* on Pamela Anderson, Sarah Michelle Gellar or Avril Lavigne (all ≤ 1.60 m) rather than on Sigourney Weaver (1.82 m) or Adriana Karambeu (1.85 m)!

  13. PS: when it come to AWI times, the only blatant difference is that a kind of slouched hat with an abundance of feathers is substituted to the tricorne: to offer, as a variant, the same mini with such an optional head would extend its (her?) suitability / market to the early French Revolution, at very low cost / additional sculpting...