Sunday, February 28, 2010

Minden Prussian Dragoons

Please click on the pictures to enlarge the view. Minden Prussian dragoons. Keep in mind that when you enlarge the view, the figures are about 2 to 3 times their actual size, so this distorts the details and features, particularly the eyes, which in actual size, are meer pin pricks of white and black paint.

The first of the Bayreuth Dragoons
Here are a couple of pictures of the first six Minden Prussian dragoons that I painted yesterday and this morning. They are DR5 Bayreuth Dragoons. This will eventually be a 30 figure unit in "Phase I" of their assembly. In my 1:20 organization, five squadrons would be equal to about 30 figures. However, the Bayreuth Dragoons were a ten squadron regiment, so somewhere down the road, I might have to paint all ten squadrons, for a total of sixty figures. I have decided to mount the riders two per stand (2 inches square) rather than three per stand.

Olympic Hockey Gold Medal Game
More later-- must watch the US vs Canada hockey game right now. Even Mrs. Fritz is watching the game, so you know that it must be The Event of the Year.

Oh my goodness, the USA hockey team tied the game at 2-2 with 0:24 seconds left in the game. We are going to sudden death overtime. Regardless of who wins the match, this is an exciting Olympic hockey game.

Congratulations to Canada for a fine win in overtime. It was an exciting and very memorable game. Well played! I was rooting for Team America, obviously, but in a way, I sort of wanted Canada to win since hockey is their sport and a near religious experience for Canadians. I think that a loss would have really depressed the whole country. Not so in the US. Our team played well and did their best and we are proud of them. I am sad to see the Winter Olympics come to an end. Mrs. Fritz, Lady Emma and I enjoyed our evenings watching the games.

I guess that I now have more time for painting Minden Miniatures in the evenings.


  1. Awesome! The rate at which you turn them out is also quite breathtaking. Mine are a wee bit lighter blue than yours, but of course not finished, so no piccies yet . . .

  2. Can you place a Minden Dragoon next to an RSM Dragoon? By the way thanks for the heads up on the hockey gold medal game, I would have missed all the excitement. Thanks again...

  3. Excellent looking Dragoons, sir. . . .

    And a very fine hockey game. It is too bad that they couldn't have left it as a tie since both teams deserved to win.

    -- Jeff

  4. Good looking work as always. All I managed this weekend was to stick 48 plastic infantry to 48 plastic bases.

    Your vigour for the hobby appalls me!

  5. Der Alte,

    An inspiring lot of dragoons - wow! And what a wonderful hockey game. Too bad for team USA how the overtime went, but yay Canada anyhow! One of the best games I have ever seen.


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  7. Those look great Uncle Jim, I took upon myself to check out his website(blogsite really) and was rather impressed at the collection. I think I see a new progect comming this summer in the form of SYW hannoverians. Question as they weren't up what are the prices for these models.

  8. Alex: I think that they are one Pound each for foot and a little more for the horses. It makes an uncle proud to see his his nephew wanting to paint SYW figures, especially Hanoverians!!!!!! Just mention to Frank that you are one of my relatives

  9. Oo all of this will have to be after the wedding of coarse, but thankfully one of my friends is in the grove for historicals out here. Also will bring inmy competition piece for Apeticon for you to see as I am almost done. I think you'll like it.

  10. I do like these cavalry very much,
    stylish figures which look 'right'.

    Your eyes follow in a proud tradition Stuart Asquths figures always looked pop eyed when in his magazine but are fine in real life.

    I have a bee in my bonnet that modern painting is too influenced by the need to look good when photographed at the expence of wwhat it looks like on the table.

  11. Herr Fritz,

    I am not trying to convinvce you otherwisee, but wonder why the decision to mount 2 per stand.
    Is it a function of frontage or the size of bases you want to use?
    Just curious as to your thought process for doing this.
    I ask because I have only mounted 12 hussars thus far but have mounted them 3 to a stand and am curious for another perspective.

  12. For starters, all of my RSM cavalry units for my 1:30 ratio forces are mounted two per stand on a 2" square base. While they are 20 figure units, I could still use them with my Minden forces since they look similar and would have the same frontage. So while I might not use my 1:30 infantry (20 figures), I could still use the RSM cavalry.

    Secondly, Georgo Bases has a ready made 2" square MDF package of bases that I can buy off the rack. He will make custom sizes, but that adds a bit of a hassle factor to the project. I am essentially a lazy man.

    Third, if I retain a 1" frontage for the Minden cavalry, I could also use them in our BAR games as two squadrons of 12 figures (I'd deduct the last 6 figures from the unit and use only 24 figure).

    Fourth, a 1" frontage still has the figures close to each other, but there is still plenty of room on the stand to do things with the terraining of the base and so it is easier to poke your trowel tool or brushes between two figures than it is for three figures.

    That is more story, and I'm sticking to it. For now.