Thursday, December 3, 2009

November Painting Totals

November was a fairly good month for painting, as I closed out the month with 105 Olley Painting Paints. As you might recall, you allocate one point for each infantry and equipment piece and two points for every mounted figure (since it includes two parts - the horse and the rider). I seem to be averaging just over 100 points per month in 2009, so I was right on target.

Let's look at the details.

4 x Front Rank French Limber Teams for 1805-07 (7pts per set)
4 x Mounted ADC's (2 pts each)
1 Old Elite French Carabinier
6 French artillery crew
2 French howitzers
Total French 1806 Points: 45 points

4 x Prussian Mounted ADC's for 1806 (2pts each)
1 x DR3 Dragoon sample (2 pts)
2 x 6pdr cannons
10 x Prussian artillery crewmen

Total Prussian 1806 Points: 22 points

12 x dismounted Black Hussars
13 x Crusader Mounted Bosniaks

Total SYW Prussian Points: 38 points

I started some Foundry dismounted von Kliest horse grenadiers (a dozen) and nearly lost my will to live because they are ugly misshapen figures that I abhored painting, but I needed them in order to have some dismounted cavalry to use in our Light Troop game on Saturday. I don't seem to have the same aversion to the mounted von Kliest Foundry figures, but the foot troopers look like they came from the Isle of Doctor Moreau. They will be included in the December totals.

Looking Ahead to December
Next week it will be back to the 1806 Project as I shift over to the Prussian army. Painting 1806 Prussians is very similar to painting the SYW variety, so in my book, it is practically the same thing (do you hear that Bluebear Jeff?). I plan to have a rules play test on Boxing Day (December 26th) and so I want to add a couple of squadrons of Elite Miniatures Prussian Dragoons, painted as DR3 von Irwing. These are the lads that sport the pink facings and turnbacks. I painted one sample figure last week and really liked the way that he turned out. They should look spectacular with 24 or more figures painted. The other item in the que is a battalion of 1806 Prussian grenadiers in the march attack pose. I've been looking forward to putting the brush to these figures too.

After that, it looks like some more Minden Miniatures figures - another squadron of Austrian cuirassiers or perhaps the start of my "Minden Project" for 2010.



  1. That all sounds very promising, and I share your liking for the DR3 colour combination.


  2. Hmpf . . . "practically the same thing" . . . you might fool yourself into thinking that, but we know better . . . why, sir, they are 19th century troops, not 18th century!

    Bravo on the start of the Minden project.