Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Frederick & Voltaire

For those of you who have ordered the wonderful Eureka Miniatures sets of Frederick the Great and Voltaire and are wondering how to paint the miniatures, here is a copy of the Rochling print to use as a painting guide.


  1. I have the little portrait orintated paperback book about Frederidck with Rochling's paintings in it.They are superb and soooo atmospheric. If anyone hasn't seen it it is well worth seeking out- "Der Alte Fritz."
    One of my favourites is the illustration of the advancing Prussians looking battle worn with knees out of trousers and a real campaign look...
    I must look athte Eureka site asap!!!

  2. Might I suggest a link to the figures you mention?

    -- Jeff

  3. Are you going to get the chamber ensemble figures that Eureka just came out with also? I went to Fall-In with a friend of mine and he picked up the set - they are neat figures.

  4. Hello there Jim,

    Neat picture! I remember the guided tour we took of Sans Souci Palace last summer talking about this particular visit (in German, no less) and my surprise at how much I understood. Happy Thanksgiving by the way!

    Best Regards,